Reviews of Erec Rex: The Search for Truth
"I have been a big fan of Kaza’s books since her first one, but her third, The Search for Truth, is amazing. It’s hilarious, spellbinding, and heartwarming at the same time. I couldn’t put it down, straight through to the jaw-dropping ending. Everyone will love this book!"
- Devon Werkheiser, “Ned,” star of
Nickelodeon’s popular daily sitcom
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Erec Rex is a treasure chest of a story that’s overflowing with magic and mystery. Every page is loaded with imaginative surprises for young Erec, and for the readers who join him on his adventure.”

- D.J. MacHale, Author
Pendragon series (Simon and Schuster)


"Kaza Kingsley is one of my favorite authors, and the Erec Rex series is a must-read for every child and adult on the planet. Book 3, The Search for Truth, does an amazing thing: it improves on the first two, which were already brilliant. Kingsley does an amazing job of mixing the perfect amounts of humor, adventure, mystery, and imagination. Read Erec Rex. Now. You'll love every minute of it."
- James Dashner, Author
The 13th Reality (Shadow Mountain Press)

“Thirteen-year-old Erec continues his struggle to fulfill the necessary quests to become king of Alypium. If Erec fails, the evil Stain triplets will inherit the throne and hand over power to the cruel Shadow Prince, ending life as they know it for the people of Alypium and Upper Earth. Erec and his friends must discover the nature of his quests, decipher the cryptic messages of the Fates, and then complete the insanely difficult tasks asked of them. Erec travels to other countries and realms and goes into his past as well, where he discovers several shocking truths. Along the way, he contends with the Stain triplets, the Shadow Prince, and a possible traitor in his circle of trusted friends.

This third series entry is even more creative and intense than the first two. The action is continuous, from the first scene where Erec begins turning into a dragon in the supermarket to the informative ending. This book is also darker than its predecessors, with more violence and gruesome imagery. The characters are developing nicely, with plenty of faults to offset their bravery and ingenuity. Abundant humor keeps readers laughing even as some of the scarier moments leave them gasping. Kingsley’s vast array of magical gadgets continues to thrill as do her oddball secondary characters. This imaginative universe will delight and enthrall readers of young adult fantasy and have them eagerly awaiting the next installment.”

- Heather Pittman, Editor
VOYA (8/08)


"Young adult fantasy has a new king and his name is Erec Rex. Erec is a true hero - courageous, charismatic, and smart. Kaza's new book, Search for Truth, takes her characters to new heights with exciting and creative quests. It’s a thrilling tale that drew me in quickly and wouldn't let go"

- P.J. Haarsma, Author
The Softwire series (Candlewick Press)


"The young quester with dragon’s eyes undertakes Tasks Three and Four of the Twelve with which he’s been charged in this third episode, and learns a little more about his true family to boot. Struggling as much with his own doubt and anger as with a previously met set of dangerous adversaries, Erec makes a familiar yet winning protagonist whose character continues to mature as he faces both tough decisions and an array of life-threatening challenges. Kingsley keeps her tongue firmly in cheek; along the way Erec has a conversation with the three anything-but-solemn Fates (“We were so expecting you”), for instance, and though he can receive his quests by sticking his arm into the fetid but mystical “Al’s Well,” which looks remarkably like a toilet, anyone else who tries pulls out something else. The author’s tale continues to tumble along briskly and will please fans of the less earnest fantasists."

- Mary-Kate Figur, Editorial Coordinator
Kirkus Reviews (10/1/08)


"Kaza Kingsley has outdone herself with The Search for Truth, and Erec Rex has come into his own as a standout character in the world of young adult fantasy. This latest tale is packed with adventure, humor, and a delightful imagination that will keep you entranced."

- J.S. Lewis, Author
The Grey Griffins series (Scholastic)


"The Search for Truth is another heart-stopping work of literature by Kaza Kingsley. I couldn't wait to get to the next page! There were so many plot twists and surprises; I didn't know what to do with myself! I loved it."

 - Allen Alvarado, “Lex,” star of
Discovery Kids popular sitcom

Flight 29 Down




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