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 Post subject: Mountain Dreams
 Post Posted: Sun May 16, 2010 6:43 pm 

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I need help with the title haha, if anyone can think of something better. It's just a temporary title.

It was a dark night, the street damp from the rain. Jenna bit her lip and pressed her books closer to her chest. It was far too late to be walking alone, but she was almost home. What could happen? She was fifteen, almost sixteen, she could handle whatever came her way. Maybe. She'd been out, taking photographs of the river, and didn't realize how late it was until the sun had set. An owl hooted, and Jenna quickened her pace. Her blonde bangs fell in front of her eyes, and she stopped to push them back into place. That's where she made her mistake. In the moment that she stopped, a figure appeared from the alley on her left. The figure stalked toward her, and Jenna, paralyzed with fear, could only watch as the figure came closer. A man, definitely older than her, took off his hood as he stood in front of her. Jenna's mind raced with all the defense she'd ever been taught.

"Well, well, well… what's a girl like you… doing in a place like this? Isn't it a bit…late?" The man spoke slowly, his voice raspy.
"Back off." Jenna could barely raise her voice above a whisper.
"What do you mean? You know…" he began to walk around her in a circle. "Someone could easily take advantage of you." He stopped, facing her side.
"No. Don't." Jenna muttered.
"Don't what?" The man asked with fake innocence. A devious smirk appeared on his face. "No one's around… it's late…" his raspy voice dropped to a whisper as he leaned in towards her ear, "Didn't your parents ever tell you not to be out so late?"
Jenna trembled, and squeezed her blue eyes shut. She didn't even hear the footsteps of someone else, approaching from behind. Suddenly, the man's disgusting, heavy breath was gone from her neck. She opened her eyes to see that someone else had appeared. He looked sixteen, but Jenna had never seen him around school. Tall, with strikingly black hair, and bluer eyes than Jenna, he was as big as the man who had approached her.
"Back off. This isn't any of your business." The man who had approached him puffed out his chest, making himself bigger and more threatening.
"Maybe you should back off." The black haired boy's voice was smooth and deep. The sound reassured Jenna. He sounded so strong, so… unafraid. He didn't have to make himself seem bigger than the other, he was already much more muscular than him.
"And how are you gonna make me?" The man growled. In a flash, the black haired boy had reached one arm around the man's arm and grabbed his head, and did the same with his other arm, to grab the man into some form of headlock. The black haired boy pushed down on the man's head, then kicked the back of the man's knee, causing the man to fall to his knees. The black haired boy struck the man on the side of his head, then walked over to Jenna, who had remained rooted to the spot, terrified. The black haired boy stared into her eyes. Jenna felt reassured again. His eyes showed that he wasn't a violent person, just protective.
But why would he be protective of me? Jenna wondered, I don’t even know who this is…
"I'll walk you home." He said, walking to her side.
"R-right…" Jenna blinked. They began to walk down the street in silence. Jenna couldn't help but notice the little things, like the way the black haired boy stayed close to her side, the way his warm hand occasionally bumped hers, the way that he occasionally glanced back to make sure no one was following them. His olive skin was flawless, which made his blue eyes pop more than they already did. He stared straight ahead, and his eyes seemed fixed on the end of the street, as though in deep thought. His short black was messy but still looked as though he’d had it professionally styled.
They walked slowly, and to Jenna, it seemed as though every step they took was in slow motion. The silence hung over the, and finally, Jenna couldn’t bear it anymore. She opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly, everything she had wanted to say since the man had appeared from the alley all piled up in her throat. The black haired boy looked at her, eyebrows raised expectantly. She swallowed all of her questions and looked back at him.
“Who are you?” she asked in wonder. It was the simplest question, but it was also the most important question she thought to ask.
“Marco.” He replied. “Marco DiCamillo.”
“Marco DiCamillo…” Jenna echoed, trying to remember if she had ever heard his name, or seen him before now. “Do you go to Napa High?” Marco nodded. “Then why haven’t I ever seen you around school before? Or anywhere else? It’s not a very big town here.”
“I just moved here from Italy. Tomorrow’s my first day.” He looked forward again. His voice was so smooth and warm. Jenna noticed he didn’t have an accent, but she realized that this was normal. She was from North Carolina, but she didn’t have an accent either. Jenna couldn’t help but wish he would continue talking, just so she could hear his voice.
“Wow… where in Italy?” Jenna wondered, intrigued by this stranger who had just saved her life.
“Venice.” he looked back at her, his eyes seemed as though he was learning something from her eyes. Their eye contact felt so intense, yet so warm, Jenna barely realized that they were in front of her house. She suddenly stopped walking, and Marco looked away, breaking the gaze.
“Um, I guess I’ll see you soon…” Jenna started walking up to her front door, but she stopped halfway, and turned to look at Marco. “And thanks.”
Marco shrugged, “For what?” He flashed a mysterious smile, then turned and walked around the corner. Jenna stood there, and watched him go. Even after he was gone, Jenna remained rooted to the spot, lost in her thoughts. She could barely grasp all that had just happened.
“Goodbye Marco DiCamillo.” Jenna murmured, her eyes swarming with her thoughts. She turned on her heel and walked into her house, secretly hoping the next day would come soon.

That night, Jenna had a strange dream. She was walking, simply walking, through a meadow. She knew she was in Yosemite, California, which was about five hours away from where she lived. She recognized the meadow from the week long field trip she had taken to Yosemite in 8th grade. The mountain, El Capitan, was the first thing that she noticed when she looked to her right. She’d always been fond of the mountain, because one half of it stood proud and high, and the sun would shine on it. The other half was blackened by the waterfall that pours down it; it looked gloomy and depressing. It reminded her of herself. Some days she would feel high and mighty, like the sunny part of the mountain, but other days she felt depressed, like the other side.
The long green grass of the meadow, occasionally interrupted by trees, some upright and some fallen, was bright in the sun and blown slightly by the breeze. She took a deep breath. Finally, she thought, fresh air. She missed how clean the air was in Yosemite, unpolluted and fresh with the scent of plants. She began to walk a trail leading to El Capitan, admiring how beautiful the day was. She could faintly remember her instructor during 8th grade telling her that the base of the mountain was dangerous to go to, because rock slides often occurred. She pushed the thought out of her mind as she emerged from a cluster of trees and was right in front of El Capitan.

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