Book Six is underway! - 3/12/2014
I have had so many emails asking when Book Six of the series will be available. This book took longer than expected because of a temporary departure - I wrote a new novel which I'm so excited about! (More about that later.) But now I'm happily writing Book Six, and am so excited for its release. I'm hoping it can be in your hands before too many months go by - but I'll get more details to you later!
More international news!
Erec Rex debuts in Russia - joining a multitude of other countries with growing Erec Rex fans. Kaza Kingsley returned from a tour in Europe and Thailand on November 3, 2010 with her new husband, Jon - pictures in Fans Only pages!
Kaza Kingsley gets married!
October 2, 2010 is the big day in the life of the Erec Rex author. Sneak peaks of her wedding in the Fans Only pages!
The Three Furies Debuts August 20, 2010!
Click on the books link to read an excerpt from the exciting fourth Erec Rex book!
Check out the sneak preview of The Search For Truth!
Look on the books page to hear the first chapter of book 3 from the new audio CD narrated by Simon Jones.
New Search for Truth cover to be revealed on February 26!
A new cover for Book Three will be revealed here on! See it here on the books page on Thursday, February 26. And don't forget to visit the Forum page then to share what you think about it!
Contests running on Forum page, with great prizes!  - 11/1/08 until 5/30/09
Even though Book Three is not out until June 30, 2009, the fun is not slowing down on the Erec Rex Forum site. Take the link from this page, register for free, and see what the latest contest holds in store. You can win signed books, posters, and even an early copy of Book Three as the months progress!
Simon and Schuster purchased Erec Rex series!  - 9/21/08
Things are happening fast for the Erec Rex series as industry giant Simon and Schuster bought it out in an exciting eight-book deal. They are bringing out the first two books again on March 28, when they will also be available in audio and e-book formats. Book Three's release is delayed until summer, but this also gives more time for readership to gain ground to let this much-awaited book make a huge splash.
Search for Truth cover is released! - 4/19/08
The cover of Book Three, Erec Rex: The Search for Truth, is now available here on the "Books" page of this site! Tim Jacobus, artist of the Goosebumps series, did the fantastic cover art. Wait until you see the chapter art!
Erec Rex Book Three is finished - 2/12/08
Kaza is thrilled to report that the third Erec Rex book, The Search for Truth, is finished. Look forward to seeing it on the shelves on October 1st of this year.
Kaza's Blog Tour! - 1/7/08
January 7 - 21, Kaza is traveling through cyberspace on a hot, new blog tour! Check it out. Leave a comment for her on one of the blogs and watch for her answer!
Details on her blog at
Brand-New Erec Rex website! - 1/1/08
Happy New Year! Welcome to the brand new Official Erec Rex Website! Explore and enjoy.
Border's Pick - 12/5/07
 An amazing honor. Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye had been chosen in this month's Borders Original Voices picks. Look for it in the Original Voices sections at the front of your local Borders Books - 20% off!
Erec Rex goes International! - 11/1/07
It's official! The Erec Rex series is now coming out in ten other countries. Look for it in France, Japan, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Vietnam, Philippines, Poland, Thailand and Indonesia!
Check out the new Erec Rex book! - 10/1/07
Book Two, Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness, is now available in stores! Watch for Kaza to come to your neighborhood on her coast-to-coast tour.