Alypium is in turmoil. All the baby dragons are mysteriously missing. Citizens are picketing King Piter. And the throne will be handed to the evil Balor and Damon Stain … unless Erec Rex agrees to return and compete against them. Which is fine with him, except for one problem. He knows that the prize for becoming king, the royal scepter, would destroy him completely.
 As Erec performs the deadly quests he learns more about himself and his past. And he discovers the hard way that doing what is right is not always easy. When he delves into the very Substance our world is woven from to save the baby dragons, it takes everything he has. Until Aoquesth, the dragon, gives him the biggest gift of all.
 In this riveting sequel to the best-selling The Dragon’s Eye, author Kaza Kingsley gives us delicious villains, a harrowing battle, a secret admirer, missing memory shops, angry mobs, and reincarnated ancestors. The story is a wild ride of danger and thrills, where we, along with Erec, get to find out who the real monsters are.
 "This strong sequel will delight fans of the first book. Kingsley is imaginative, creating a fascinating world that has new and interesting magic around every corner. The children learn about power, friendship, and prejudice as their adventures test their character as well as their courage. This book is a worth addition to any fantasy collection … because the unique magic and compelling characters and creatures involved allow the series to stand on its own. Erec Rex’s adventures should be included in any 'If you liked Harry Potter, then read . . .' booklist."
Heather Pittman, VOYA
 "The Monsters of Otherness is a truly captivating story. Every time you turn the page, you find yourself wondering what Erec Rex is going to do next. All the elements of a great story are included, from adventure to fantasy, with just the right amount of friendship. This is a new favorite for me!"
 Allen Alvarado, star of Discovery Kids’
 Flight 29 Down


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