Reviews for Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye
"DRAGON’S EYE is a fantastic tale of a boy who gets caught up in a world he never knew existed and finds out he’s part of something much bigger than he knew. It is a magical story filled with suspense, intensity, heart, and courage. I loved this book … and I’ll be waiting for a sequel."

- Devon Werkheiser, “Ned,” star of
Nickelodeon’s popular daily sitcom
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

"This is an action-packed fantasy filled with rich characters kids will really relate to. Erec Rex is poised to take over Harry Potter’s long reign. "

- Maria Schneider, Editor-in-Chief
Writer’s Digest

"Entertaining magics and magical gear, along with polished vignettes from Grant, animate familiar fantasy trope in this seriocomic debut . . . Nefarious schemes, a crew of sneering bullies, sumptuous feasts, allies for Erec, a surprise villain and magic worked by everything from explosive “nitrowisherine” to push-button remotes, Kingsley speeds her tale along to a climax involving an impulsive dragon. . . Closing with the news that the young hero still has 12 tasks to fulfill, this light but not insubstantial outing definitely belongs aboard the Potter wagon, but merits a seat toward the front."

Kirkus Reviews
October 1, 2006

"This title is a solid addition to the juvenile fantasy collection. The main character, Erec Rex, travels to a secret world hidden within our own (a la Neverwhere) to save his mother from an evil king. Along the way he becomes involved in a competition to choose the next three kings of this fantastical world. The story becomes more complex and compelling as trust is questioned, friendships forged, and magical abilities are discovered. The story touches on issues of social justice, politics, and sportsmanship, and would be useful in a social studies class. Young readers will enjoy this story and eagerly anticipate the next book in the series."

- Meagan Albright
Children’s Literature

"For the millions of Harry Potter fans desperately waiting for the next installment of the famous series, this novel will provide a worthwhile diversion. The first book in what promises to be an ongoing fantasy series, Erec Rex contains elements of magic, conflict, and otherwordliness reminiscent of the Potter series, and Kingsley delivers her tale in a light-hearted yet compellily style like that of J.K. Rowling or Diana Wynne Jones.

Erec Rex, resident of New York City, wakes up one morning to find the world gone horribly wrong. His mother is missing, a creepy guardian won’t let he or his siblings leave the house, and his efforts to figure out what’s happening turn up even more questions. Eventually, Erec makes his way through a secret entrance in Grand Central Station to a magical world where a contest to discover the next rulers of the lands just happens to be getting underway. The contest is comprised of a series of events, reminiscent of the competition in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Participants test their knowledge of magical creatures in the maze-like MONSTER, “multi option non stop to end race,” try to work as a team in the debate like “Pro and contest,” and compete head to head in three-phased “Tribaffleon.” Caught up in the competition, Erec finds friendship and bullies, magic and trickery, and clues to his own identity that make for as compelling a read as any Hogwarts adventure.

The quirky setting is as much a star of this fantasy as any of the characters. A castle tipped onto its side, mazes and magical creatures, and cleverly devised competitions create an atmosphere any fantasy fan will long to visit. The story is peppered with delightful gadgets like anibals, colorful balls that burst to reveal a real animal inside and an Identdetector that “shows your true identity and appearance and exposes people who changed shape,” and nitrowisherine, an explosive substance that also grants wishes. This is Kingsley’s first novel, and she is currently working on the second book the Erec Rex series. Notable fantasy illustrator Melvyn Grant pens illustrations for each chapter that illuminate aspects of the setting crucial to the plot, like the side-lying castle, and the magic glasses Erec uses to speak to his missing mother.

The book concludes with the news that Erec has more tasks to fulfill, followed by a cliffhanger of an epilogue that contains clues to his mysterious past—good news for fantasy readers of all ages.”

- Carolyn Bailey
ForeWord Magazine

"This story reminds me of Harry Potter meets the X-Men. Dragon Eye tells of the magical trek of a young boy trying to find his mother. Along the journey, he also discovers shocking knowledge about himself. This is a great story with such incredible detail that you will find yourself enjoying the journey."

- Autumn Lynn
River Reader Books, Lexington, MO

"A funny, fast-paced, ‘Harry Potter’-style read."

- Sara Pearce
The Cincinnati Enquirer

"Welcome to the world, Erec Rex. Your readers have long awaited you.
Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye is a fun, fascinating book that makes you want to chill out for a while and just read. Plus, this book's brave new world is chock full of nifty magical gadgets; cute, dorky, and even scary magical critters (fluffy pink kitten, anyone?); and spellbinding people who are mean, magical, or possibly dimwits. These lively creations found a platform all their own. In other words, the Harry Potter books may have inspired Kaza Kingsley in writing The Dragon's Eye, but this book bloody well stands on its own!
Strangely enough, the beginning of The Dragon's Eye was its ending. "What? Come again," you say. It's last chapter (the epilogue) serves as a bit of backstory rather than end-of-story and gathers interest like no other ending I've yet read. How horrid, how ingenious, and how dare you, Ms. Kingsley! I hate waiting for sequels!
So, you're probably wondering what's up with "The Dragon's Eye" part of the title. Right? Well, don't expect me to spill that detail. You'll have to read the book to find out."

Grade: A

- Sherryl King-Wilds

"A great read! Author Kaza Kingsley is one to watch!"

- Jeff Bowen
USA Book

"An engaging adventure, accessible to readers of all ages but especially recommended for YA libraries and reading shelves."
- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
The Midwest Book Review

"Erec Rex suddenly wakes up one morning to find his mother gone, Inexplicably. No note, no anything. But she left her glasses. She NEVER leaves her glasses. Seized by an idea, he heads to a hot dog stand- And discovers a mysterious trap door in the sidewalk, that a girl named Bethany says his mother was taken down. The two children go down and find themselves in a strange station, and head to a place called "Alypium".... A place where people can fly, and where magical creatures really exist. But something is wrong in Alypium, the king seems to have gone mad and his castle has been, literally, turned on it's side. Erec and Bethany discover that there are two other worlds, ruled by other kings and queens. But the rulers have decided to retire, and a contest is going on to choose the next three rulers of the magical lands. Erec and Bethany decide to participate, but during their stay at the castle, something indeed seems rotten. As Erec strives to free his mother, Larger and much more horrifying events start to unfold... Events which could throw all four worlds into deathly jeopardy."
Rating: 5.0 wands!
“A very good book. Vivid descriptions, and a riveting storyline, Along with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend it!”

- David, Reviewer
 Wands and Worlds

“Pros: A fun read, a "magic" fix for young readers and old alike.
Cons: Part one of a series.
The Bottom Line: A good read for fans who are waiting on Harry Potter and can't get enough of magical adventure tales. I bought 3 copies for Christmas gifts.

Along the way, Erec learns more about his biological history and the reader realizes The Dragon's Eye is the beginning of what promises to be an entertaining adventure.
Fantasy creature fans won't be disappointed as minotaurs, werewolves, sea creatures and dragons all make an appearance in this tale.

Audience: Those who enjoyed Harry Potter and Eragon will no doubt enjoy Erec Rex. I found myself engrossed in the mystery of Erec and Bethany's secret magical past.

The tone of the book was also not condescending like the Lemony Snicket books and did not talk down to the readers, thereby making it more accessible for teens and adults to enjoy as well.

Recommended: Yes
Juls W.

"Tis book made me relax, even though I cared about its characters and their troubles.
Plus-there's a multitude of cool new things-a store called Vulcan (that sells magical, life-like household items), Inquizzles, and a whole new world right under Grand Central Station- to ponder. The author, Kaza Kinsgley, also based many of the names and places after Greek and Latin Mythology. All in all-I think this is definitely a book worth your time, especially if you're a fan of fantasy fiction with a little real-life twist."

- Sookie,
Over My Head

"Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye will be the next book to spark the imagination of countless children. It is a perfect book to read with your child, creating a bonding experience that parents will love as much as children."

- Dr. Thomas Sullivan
Child Psychologist

"Actually, Erec Rex isn't much like Harry Potter after all . . . Until age 12, he has grown up in a loving home, raised by a woman named June O'Hara, who has a weakness for unwanted children. . . [Erec] from time to time . . . is overcome by an urge to do something whether or not he knows why it must be done. No matter how hard he fights, he always gives in at the end...and a good thing, too, because so far his "cloudy thoughts," as he calls them, have enabled him to prevent bad things from happening. He only worries that this weird, stomach-upsetting form of ESP may someday force him to do bad things.
Scarcely have we been introduced to Erec's interesting family when he is swept off on his first adventure. A "cloudy thought" tells Erec that his mother has been captured, and it leads him to a hot dog stand near Grand Central Station. Together with a runaway newsgirl, Erec plunges into a world he never knew existed, a world full of magic, governed by two kings and a queen who are ready to retire after centuries on the throne. While he tries to find out what happened to June, Erec decides he might as well join the children competing in a series of magical games, in which the winners will be the next kings and queens. At first, he figures this will at least give him a base from which to work; but as he finds himself among the winners in game after game, Erec seems increasingly likely to win. And that in spite of the suspicions of one of the judges, the malice of a fellow competitor named Balor Stain, hints of betrayal and corruption in the royal court of Alypium, and a series of dangerous traps someone has been laying for the winners of each contest.
Erec gains interesting friends, including a dog that turns into a ravening beast at the full moon; he obtains some magical aids, such as the "seeing eyeglasses" and a pair of sneakers truly worthy of the name; he concocts some fabulous plans and experiences some truly exciting and dangerous adventures, including an encounter with a soul-devouring demon reminiscent of Harry Potter's dementors - only cleverer. . . Teachers will appreciate the complexity of logic and problem solving and the inspiration for creativity within the story. This book will be added to my recommended book list."

- Robbie Fischer
The Book Trolley


"In the world of young adult fiction there are a lot of reading choices you could make. There is something for everyone out there and one of the books we should all be reading is Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye, Kaza Kingsley’s first novel in a new series about an adventurous 12 year old with a glass eye and magical cloudy visions.
Great characters people this story and the small touches like a dancing coat rack or a pair of glasses that let you see the person you miss most are icing on the cake. Not to mention the magical remote controls — who wouldn’t want one of those? Also the vivid descriptions of the world are fantastic. Your imagination is given free rein to enjoy all the magical, wacky, wonderful creatures, people, and devices that roam through Ms. Kingsley’s story.
The Dragon’s Eye is a great introduction to a whole new world. This would be a good book to curl up with your little one and read to them or read first yourself and pass it on. The action is constant and just keeps you turning pages as you wonder what could happen next. Erec’s adventures continue with Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness, and I can’t wait to get started."

- Katie McNeill
BC Magazine

"Kaza Kingsley has created a multi-layered fantasy that is ripe for discussion. It is packed with whimsical new ideas and subtle humor. I will certainly introduce it in my classroom. Perfect to mix fun and teaching!"

- Karen Klaus, Fifth Grade Teacher

"As a pediatrician, I recommend Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye . . . . Fantasy, mystery, humor, excitement . . . all the important elements that stimulate kids’ love of books are in here."

- Robert Kahn, MD, MPH

"Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye is a terrific book to encourage children to read. They will love the element of fantasy and suspense, and teachers will appreciate the complexity of logic and problem solving and the inspiration for creativity within the story. This book will be added to my recommended book list."

- Barbara Hilb
Middle School Gifted Intervention Specialist


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