When Kaza Kingsley was born in Cleveland, Ohio, they say the resident doctor that delivered her had been up all night studying. She yawned just at the wrong moment, and baby Kaza slipped right through her fingers! But the resident's open text book lay on the floor, shielding Kaza from a hard fall. Baby Kaza supposedly wailed for a moment but then stopped, lovingly gazing at the pages and words draped around her.

We think this was the beginning of the end.

Kaza (rhymes with Jazz-a) loved to write since she was old enough to pick up a pen. After playing tag and other normal kid games, she used to drag friends into her back yard to write books at her picnic table for as long as they could stand it. Her first book was about a terrifying octopus that shot ink at people and made them do math. Since then she has written pretty much anything she can, including poetry, short stories and nonfiction.

Erec Rex is Kaza's first series of books.

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